Creekside Place believes strongly that we are called to help our neighbors, our nation, and our world. God has asked us to reach out our hands and our hearts in tangible ways to help those who are suffering or who are in need. The first line of help will come with our fervent prayers.  Prayer is a powerful tool that God gives each of us to help one another.

Often we need to help in more material ways and as a church we are committed to doing so. While giving a starving man food is important and worthy, it is not in and of itself a solution to the problem of continual hunger. That is why we believe it is important to use our mission dollars to provide help that is instructional and impactful beyond the needs of just today. The old adage “give a man a fish and he is fed for today, but teach a man to fish and he is fed for a lifetime” will be a guiding principle in our missions work.